A small village in the heart of Rajasthan

The Experience

KhemPratapGarh is a beautiful homestay, situated in a small village called Lilki, in the heart of the Thar Desert. It boasts of comfortable rooms, basic modern amenities and a lot of peace and tranquility.

We have a beautiful forest (known as Beed in the local language) where you can spot wild deers, antelopesm different varieties of birds, wolves (if you are lucky) and many interesting animals. Your stay will include a jungle safari for sure!

The food that awaits you on this adventure will be the authentic cuisine of Rajasthan, which is prepared by the local villagers from home grown vegetables and spices. A lip smacking, gastronomic experience which will delight your senses and easy on your stomach!

Shoot, relax or work from home or indulge in a new adventure!

There has never been a better time to visit a village. Whether you are some one who:

  • is looking for an unexplored location to shoot movies, ads or photos or webseries or,
  • wants to indulge in adventures like dirt biking or,
  • work from home in a natural setting or
  • are a writer who is looking for a retreat to work on the next masterpiece or,
  • wants to simply play the tourist,

KhemPratap Garh offers you this and much more. Just fill up the inquiry form and let us contact you. Better still just call on 8890918551 and talk to us!

Photo by Joseph Redfield on Pexels.com

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