From the village cook book- A slow love affair with food

Kofta curry

We city dwellers hardly get the time to create unforgettable culinary experiences unless there is a party or a get together which has been planned for weeks in advance. Then also we outsource the entire process to a caterer or someone who knows clockwork, assembly line cooking. Thankfully, villages have not been infected with this malady so far. Food here is cooked slowly and with a lot of patience and love. The preparations start in the early hours in the morning and by 11 am, the food is ready.

Nothing can be compared to the smell of freshly cooked chapatis which are instantly grinding the wheat in the mill. The pickles, the dals and curries will make you fall in love with food.

Good food is the best way to enchant people and we at KhemPratapGarh know that quite well! Come and sample some of these culinary delights….click on the link below to book your stay in KhemPratapGarh.

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