Exploring the Memories of the Bygone Days

From right to left: Brigadier Thakur Khem Singh, Commander Jaipur State Forces, Brigadier Harnath Singh, Commander, Bikaner State Forces, Maj. Gen. HH Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II (Raj Pramukh, Rajasthan (1949-1956)), Brigadier Jaswant Singh, Brigadier Bagh Singh

I found this old photograph in an old photo album which also had other photographs by my great grandfather. In this photograph my great grandfather Brigadier Thakur Khem Singh is seen standing with Maj. Gen. HH Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II (Raj Pramukh, Rajasthan (1949-1956)), Brigadier Harnath Singh, Commander, Bikaner State Forces, Brigadier Jaswant Singh and Brigadier Bagh Singh.

Amongst these, Brigadier Harnath Singh joined the Indian Army and became the center commandant for 11 Gurkhas. He was later appointed as the G1 of the Military Mission in Nepal. After that, he served for six years as the house hold controller of the President of India. After the merger of the State Forces with the Indian Army, Brigadier Jaswant Singh was appointed as a Brigadier in the Indian Army. His first posting was in the then J&K Militia in Jammu and Kashmir State Forces. Afterwards, he was posted as the subarea commander to Jallandar and played an important role in the Chinese aggression of 1962. Brigadier Bagh Singh retired and later on became the coal commissioner in Dhanbad.

KhemPratapGarh has been named after two men who have been a source of inspiration by our family- my great grandfather, Brigadier Thakur Khem Singh and his son and my grandfather Kanwar Pratap Singh, DySP.

Lieutenant Colonel Thakur Khem Singh, OBI commanded the Ganga Risala during the Second World War and the Sind Campaign against the Hur Tribesmen. His legacy was continued by his grandson Major General Ashok Kumar Singh.(Reproduced from Ganga Jaisalmer Risala, 550 Glorious Years, The Account of A Risalian By Brigadier Jagmal Singh Rathore, VrC, VSM (Retired))

My great grandfather was a very dynamic man. He studied under lamp posts in the village, rose from the ranks, became a Brigadier in the State Forces and a commander in Jaipur State Forces. He participated in World War II and attended the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. He played a key role in General Sagat Singh’s enrollment into the Army by convincing the then commanding officer of Ganga Risala.

After he retired from the forces, my great grandfather built KhemPratap Garh in Leelki and also laid the foundation for the new building which was then built by my father and uncle. Today these new and old buildings stand as a testimony to the farsightedness of this great man.

KhemPratapGarh view

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