A House As Old As India’s Independence!

When we were small, the new section (the four bedroom house) had not been built. So, we used to sleep in the old portion called ‘kothdi’. The kothdi had three rooms, store rooms and a common bathroom.

The interesting bit is that kothdi was built some years before independence by my great grandfather Brigadier Khem Pratap Singh. So, this section of Khem Pratap Garh is as old as the Indian independence. Like India, it has weathered all the elements of the desert and yet has stood the test of time

This house was purely built out of limestone (chuna). Cement was unheard of in those days. The domes or dhola ( the curved roofs) in the rooms further enhance the look of the rooms. The walls are 18-20 inches thick! Do you know the best part? No iron has been used in the construction of this house!

The rooms are cool in the summers and warm in the winters. There were no fans required in the rooms. The windows were so strategically placed that cross ventilation ensured that the rooms remained cool.

As children, we used to marvel at this phenomenon. Sometimes, when we used to sleep in the courtyard, we spent nights gazing at the stars in the sky. Sometimes, we would even wait for the dawn just to see how the sun slowly lights up the sky.

Today, the kothdi stands as a testimony to the quality of construction in that era. Everything was so pure and strong. There was no adulteration unlike today. Things were actually what they seemed!

Why don’t you come and stay with us in this beautiful place? Come and be our guest!

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