A Brief History of Leelki- A Village Created by Time

KhemPratapGarh is a small homestay in Leelki, a 600-year-old village that lies in the middle of the Thar desert. This village was not created by any human. In fact, the story of this village is a testimony to Time-the greatest creator of all.

About 600 years ago, well known sages and hermits used to live here. Years passed and more and more sages came and a sect was established by Mahant Bisarnath. During those years, there was a big war between the Mughals and the Chauhan rulers of Neemrana (Alwar). When they lost the war, the ruler and his nephew came here to bide their time. They took refuge in the sect on the condition that the nephew would marry a girl of the sect. This girl had been bitten by a snake in her childhood but Mahant had saved her using his miraculous powers. However, a blue tinge remained on her body and hence she was named Neelkanya or Neelki (the blue colored girl) which became Leelki with time. The village was named after her. After some years, Leelki and her husband went back to their kingdom. The mahant and the sages also migrated elsewhere. Some hermits got married and settled here.

Around 180 years ago, Maan Singh Rathore, a descendent from the Kandal Clan of Rajputs got injured in the war and came to Leelki for refuge. A Khejri tree still marks the spot where he achieved martyrdom. His son Gyan Singh became the first zamindar of Leelki. With time, a lot of people from different castes came and settled in the village. The famous deity Goga ji also visited Leelki once and rested under a Jaal tree.

Today, Leelki village is a testimony to the undying spirit of man. People here have braved salt water, droughts, sand storms and yet have been able to make a mark in history. These people studied in the light of lanterns, lived here in harsh summers, walked miles for water and education. This village has produced brave army officers, efficient government administrators, remarkable teachers and many more people who have left their mark in the sands of time. Today, though the village has all the modern amenities including electricity, a good road and water, the people still lead a modest life. It is only when you spend some time in this place that you realize that modern life need not be complicated; it can be simple and yet happy.

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