Food in the village

Most people believe that people of Rajasthan or specifically people living in the villages of Rajasthan eat only some particular kinds of foods. The moment someone talks about Rajasthan, they talk about bajra roti or gatta curry. However, the food in Rajasthan is much more than that. It is varied and it comes with its own flavours and it can be anything! It is actually the food of Rajasthan which displays the resilience of its people.

This time, there was a drought of sorts. In some areas, they had little or no rains. So they could not sow the seeds of their second crop- chana or chickpeas. The fields are bare this time. There will be no income from the crops. But do they lament or cry about it? No, they simply take it in their stride and move on. They eat pickles and curd with chapati instead of the chickpeas and focus on their work.

They ensure that the food is healthy and tasty with all the spices, home made pickles, the occassional green vegetable and meat. The food in the village like everything else is about enjoying the moment. It is about making peace with circumstances and focussing on the ‘can do’ instead of the ‘can’t do’.

Whenever I visit Leelki and stay at KhemPratapGarh, I am amazed at the creativity of the village folk. When it comes to food, they know different ways of making the same vegetable or chapati and each time the dish would taste different. A simple meal of chapati and daal or home made mangori or vadi tastes better than any restaurant! Come and check out the food for yourself!

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