A Samadhi, A Sadhu, And A Snake With A White Mustache

Once upon a time, there lived a sadhu ( holy man) in a small hut in the desert. The sadhu was known for his penance and austerity. One day, when he was sitting with his followers, the sadhu saw some black clouds gathering on the horizon. His followers got alarmed because they had to perform a yagna that day. The sadhu looked at the clouds, picked up a cloth and tore it into two. Within minutes, the clouds dispersed and the sun started shining again.

No one knows who that sadhu was or his name. Nevertheless, a small samadhi stands as a testimony to his powers. The local people believe that beneath the samadhi, there lives a snake with a white mustache. Some say that the snake is the sadhu himself who guards a huge treasure which lies buried under the samadhi. There is a small cave under the samadhi. However, if you try to go inside, you may get stung by the wasps. So far no one has attempted to search for the treasure.

Though hundreds of years have passed but the inhabitants of the village still believe that ever since the sadhu stopped the rain clouds which had come from the north direction, they have never recieved rain from that direction.

Folklore? Legend? Truth? No one knows!

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