Unexpected Jungle – The Bhid

Winding roads, rambling camel cart, miles of wilderness…what more do you want?

When you go on a jungle safari in Leelki, you are not prepared for the raw beauty and wilderness of the place. The jungle dispels all your preconceived notions about what a jungle should be like. Instead it presents you with a perspective which is wild and unexplored.

We went on a camel cart. The camel had whims and fancies of his own. Whenever, he spied a tree or a bush that he thought was food, he did not hesitate to snatch a bite out of it. In the process, we the passengers were sprayed with leaves! We spotted Neelguy, deer, wildcows who were staring at us too. In this jungle, they aren’t used to humans visiting them often.

I saw all shades of green and brown. I never knew there can be so many shades of a colour. There were other shades but green and brown were the highlights of the day.

We often say that there is a dearth of land in India. Looking at the Bhid, there seems to be no such problem. This can be a perfect setting for people looking for new location for shootings of movies, webseries etc.

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