Organic, delicious and healthy Rajasthani food!

When you ask most people about their idea of Rajasthani cuisine, they would either say ‘gatta curry’ or ‘dal baati churma. Some would mention buttermilk or chaas. The people who are fond of non-vegetarian fare would mention laal maans. However, Rajasthani cuisine is much more than this. It is about unheard chutneys, little known but delicious curries and loads of curds or buttermilk. In the village, when the women start cooking food, the aromas waft in all directions. From the very aroma, you can make out which curry or chutney or dish is being cooked in which household. In all, it is a gastronomic experience that will be easy on your stomach and leave your tastebuds wanting more.

In KhemPratapGarh, we believe in home grown vegetables. The food is cooked in desi ghee which is made from the buffalos and cows of the village. Homemade masalas and spices ensure that you enjoy the tasty extravaganza without having to worry about your stomach. Once you have had your fill, you can choose between siesta or a walk around the village.

So, if you really want a rendezvous with the real cuisine of Rajasthan, the food that the real people eat, come and stay with us in KhemPratapGarh. Let us take you on a journey of tastes, aromas and sensations! #rajasthantourism #rajasthancuisine


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