The sunrise in the village

Have you ever wondered where does the early morning dawn get its colour from? Hues of reddish, pinkish, yellowish, orangish but nothing absolute. Every day, the colour of the dawn changes and the sun rises amidst a painting that lights up the sky. In a world where late nights are considered fashionable and mornings are meant for sleeping, the sunrise at KhemPratapGarh promises you an uncomparable, enlightening experience.

From orange to golden, from subtle to flashy, the colours and hues of the sun are uncomparable. As the sun climbs on the horizon, life in the village starts waking up. Sounds of the cattle, birds and other animals become the alarms which tell you that it is time to feast on the rich visual splendour that nature has so generously bestowed on this little village.

As the sun prepares to fire up the sky, there is something else happening in the little village of Leelki. The Goddess is being worshipped with music, light and love. As she who is the very source of light bestows her blessings upon the world, her devotees surrender to her their problems and worries.

We invite you to come and be a part of this magical world and see how life is transformed to light, love and healing.

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