KhemPratapGarh: A writer’s haven!

The orange sun slowly disappears amidst the trees and the dunes. The red hue runs after it. I keep gazing at the horizon long after the sun has set. Slowly, the evening star lights up the sky. The other stars start waking up and soon, the sky is dotted with millions of these tiny pin pricks of light.

Evenings at KhemPratapGarh, a homestay in Rajasthan are more than just beautiful. They are magical, silent and serene, a far cry from the excessive noise of the cities and their cemented jungles. Here, you can hear your own thoughts as you gaze into the bonfire that is lit in the evening. Stories that were buried in your mind start coming to life and you start listening to your own self as you eat the delicious but simply prepared food. A walk in the village not only provides the much needed exercise but also gives a lot of food for thought as you observe the villagers going about their daily tasks while the camels, goats and the cows sit and contemplate life from their own perspective.

If you are writer or are working on some long term project, that requires silence, serenity and peace, we invite you to stay with us at KhemPratapGarh. We don’t promise luxuries but we promise a lot of peace and tranquility that will help your creative ideas to manifest themselves on paper.

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