The stories in the sand

The stories in the sand

The desert is a mysterious place. Sometimes, when you watch it from afar, it appears like an old lady wrapped up in a shawl. You can almost hear the old lady whisper long forgotten stories in the wind. Sometimes, those stories find their way into the dreams of the night. But these dreams are not completely forgotten, they remain in some remote corner of the mind; you can see them but you don’t remember the exact words that were spoken.

The terrace of Khem Pratap Garh is a place from where you can hear the desert whispering its secrets to you. The secrets of long forgotten horsemen who used to ride these dunes and the stories of buried treasures that are now lost to the world.

I have listened to these stories all my life, yet I want to keep listening to them. Every time I visit Khem Pratap Garh, I go to the terrace and stare at the endless terrain. The setting sun lends its own glow to the shining sands.

Would you like to listen to some of these stories? If yes, then contact us and let us take you to a village untouched by time but equipped with the modern day technology!

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