Travel is down, crowded destinations scare people!

Village Lilki Near Rajgarh

An year back, hospitality was an unbeatable industry. Hoteliers minted money through bookings, events, festivals and what not. We could not imagine trains or buses being stopped for any reason. Crowded fairs, parties and events were a norm. But then the pandemic changed everything. Places like Disneyland could never dream of closing!

People started getting scared of venturing even to the nearby shops or parks. Life as we know stopped in its tracks. Today, hotels are closed, tourist places are closed. People are scared of crowds. However, this stay-at-home business is taking its toll on people’s mental health too! What does one do? Where does one go?

The best way to combat this situation is to visit unheard of places. Lilki, a small village near Rajasthan is one such place which no one knows about. Khem Pratap Garh, a quaint little homestay in Lilki has been welcoming people who like peace and quiet far away from the madding crowds. Untouched by time and Corona, it is a place where you can work and relax in peace. Lilki is about 40 kilometers from Sadalpur, which is accessible from Jaipur as well as Gurgaon or Delhi.

So, if you are looking for a place where you don’t need to worry about the pandemic or such problems, come visit us at Lilki!

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