Work from home from a village

Lilki – A small village in Rajasthan

Imagine a place where you are woken up by the chirping of the birds. You get up and go out to watch a beautiful sun rise amongst the shrubs, trees and sand dunes. You sit down and experience the stillness of the desert, the rustling of the leaves as the sky gradually lightens up with the first rays of the sun sipping a hot cup of tea warming up your hands.

You watch the birds flying out of their nests to get ready to go to work. You walk into your room and take a hot, steaming shower and are ready to work. You take your laptop and sit in a comfortable chair on the terrace. You attend virtual meetings, webinars, speak to your team, write memos in complete peace and quiet.

Soon, it is time for lunch and some one brings you a hot meal of mouth watering delicacies cooked in desi ghee; light and refreshing! As you wind up your work in the evening, you again get a cup of tea with some home made savouries!

As the dusk spreads its golden colour, you watch the sun set. You see the evening star (Planet Venus) shining in all its glory in sky. Soon, the sky is dotted with countless stars. The bonfire is lit in the verandah and you have a sumptious dinner with some beautiful Rajasthani folk songs or gazals.

You can get this and much more if you spend some time with us in Lilki- a village home stay that promises you a home away from the maddening crowds, amidst nature. We believe that our guests are Gods and nothing short of perfection shall be offered to them!

Come and stay with us for a month and go back refreshed and rejuvenated!

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